ONLINE PV Conference & Expo
Photovoltaics in Poland - Perspectives and challenges



Finally, after many years, many people's dreams came true and the PV industry in Poland began to develop very intensively. However, intensive development is also a challenge for the industry. In connection with the pandemic, there are not many opportunities to meet with representatives of the industry and talk about the perspectives and challenges it faces and, at the same time, get information about industry news. The perfect solution is the ONLINE PV CONFERENCE & EXPO project that will take place 25-26th of June 2020.

ONLINE PV CONFERENCE & EXPO is an international online event, a conference with an exhibition part, addressed to participants operating in the photovoltaic industry. The event will be implemented on a professional, interactive platform containing separate segments such as: Reception, Main Stage, Sessions, exhibition part of Expo and Networking Platform. We want to create the opportunity to establish new, strengthen and develop business relationships in the photovoltaic industry. Due to the fact that many traditional industry events cannot take place, this project combines elements of conferences, webinars and fairs. We believe that everyone can experience the same great benefits as during the physical event. Costly elements from an event have been removed (food, travel, venues) and we focus purely on what matters: connections and content.